Qdai styles available

6 pockets will make your life better

Keep your valuables safe!

1 Shoulder Pocket:
Credit Cards, ID, Cash

2 Side Pockets:
Smart Phones, Lipstick, Sunglasses, Wallet

2 Zipper Pockets:
Wallet, Keys, Cash

1 Back Pocket:
Passport, Smart Phone, Cash

Qdai dresses keep their beautiful fit even with content in the pockets. 

High Quality materials

Only The Best Is Good Enough!

We spent a lot of time on selecting the best quality fabrics available.

All dresses are travel friendly, stretchable and highly functional.

The Beryl range is made of fine threaded sports fabric, which means you get all the advantages of sports gear while you are dressed up for a night out!

Tested by Freerunners! 

High quality fabric ensures nice fit and comfort even when moving.
All your valuables are safe in the 6 pockets.


Pockets, pockets, pockets!

Functional with style

At Qdai we don’t compromise.

That’s why we engineered fashionable women’s clothing with hidden pockets.

We combine timeless and unique design with hidden functionality. Our designs include up to 6 hidden pockets with all the space you need for your valuables.

Every item in our collection is designed to make you feel free and fabulous.

Shop our newest collection of party dresses, summer dresses, trousers and skirts. Each garment provides you with functional fashion and large, useful POCKETS!

Qdai designs are perfect for my holiday wardrobe. They are comfortable as well as practical, easy to wear, wash and they don’t wrinkle. 
I love them!!

Georgina H.

This dress is so comfortable, with it’s silky soft fabric! With it’s useful pockets, I wear it on any and every occasion.
Thank you Qdai designers!!

Cara T.

First day I wore the dress, out with my 3 small kids… with all the pockets I had everything with me, including car keys in the zipper pocket.
Finally a perfect dress for moms!

Sarah B.